Polyester Resin, Gelcoat and Pigment Pastes Production

We produce with high standards in our research and development oriented factory which is completely renovated.

Who We Are?

Who We Are

Our company was established under the name Eker Ticaret at Karakoy Persembe Pazari in 1974 by Mr. Yilmaz Eker, a chemistry engineer. Following its experience of more than 20 years in sales in polyester sector, it shut down its branches at Dudullu and Kartal, and commenced to produce polyester resin in its factory at Tuzla Chemists Organized Industrial Zone in 2005. It increases its production capacity as well as its production variety year after year and provides its experiences in the sector to its local and foreign customers.

Why Us?

Eker Kimyevi Maddeler a family business, provides its products which it produces with high technology. It gives application and technical support to its customers when it is required.

Our Products

Polyester Resins


Pigment Pastes

We produce all types of polyester resin in highest standards in accordance with the request and needs of our customers, pack the same by the requested method and export to many countries outside Turkey.

GRP Type

GRP is the resin designed to be used for applications such as hand lay-up, spray up, lamination, filament winding (pipe type) etc.

Casting Type

This resin is economical polyester resins used in industrial castings, solid surface works, souvenir productions, production of kitchen-bath accessories.

Button Type

We have resin that is as transparent as water and is suitable for production of colourful buttons that is more economical. It is used for bijouterie, accessories, gifts, knickknacks other than button production.

Hot Press SMC and BMCType

This polyester resin is designed for sheet molding compound and bulk molding compound applications. It is used in production of composite in, mainly automative sector, machine parts, playground equipment, roofage and side-coatings, drain grates, manhole covers, electricity and natural gas boxes, etc.


Such type of resin is used in mainly manufacturing of boats, automative and construction sectors. This method is more environment-friendly since it is based on closed-molding. Thus it releases minimum styrene smell in the working environment.

Putty Type

Putty type polyester is based on DCPD, and used in auto repair putty and stuffing paste production in general.

Pultrusion Type

This resin is designed to be used in pultrusion applications, and is resistance to chemicals, mechanics and heat.


Our general and high-performance gelcoats can be applied in various sectors, mainly in marine, construction, molding, kitchen top, automative, rail vehicles, aviation, CTP furniture, waterslides, and internal decoration and also as a protection or decoration over composite surfaces, either transparent or colourful.

Pigment Pastes

Our pigment pastes can be used in colouring polyester resin and gelcoats, epoxy, polyurethane, vinylester, acrylic and cellulosic systems. It is very long-lasting due to its special substance and can be produced in any colour as requested.